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From Major Customers & Business Partners ...  

"[eTEK] ... provides an almost limitless ability to break down job costs for profit analysis and reporting purposes. Few other products reviewed allow this level of detail ... The payroll module is equally flexible and extensive, allowing an unlimited number of earnings and deduction types for each employee ... An extensive report library is one of the strongest features of the system."

"eTEK integrated its construction-oriented on-line purchasing and inventory control systems with our legacy in-house accounting program (Timberline). As a result, we now have much improved real-time control over purchasing and inventories in multiple divisions across multiple locations." - General Manager, large diversified west coast plumbing/HVAC corporation.

"Overall, the [eTEK] Job Cost suite leaves little to be desired ... The open database allows a lot of opportunity for customized reporting. Since it uses cutting-edge technology, it will operate best on hardware with plenty of memory and processor resources. For the company willing to invest in powerful software, this is a system that will grow with the company and will not soon be obsolete."  - Brent Dirks, CPA, EA, MCSE, CPA Software News (Review of Construction Accounting Systems, Apr/May 2002)

"We've been using software and support from eTEK for many years, and I recommend them without any reservation. They are true professionals who do an outstanding job. You can count on them to conduct business with impeccable integrity and trust." - Jack Langlitz, CFO, Couple to Couple International (large international distribution company).

"The most beneficial aspect of the program [eTEK Accounting] for us is the ease of integration from the general ledger activity into job cost reports, which has improved management's overview of ongoing operations specific to each contract." - Henry M. Roko, Jr., Controller, 70+employee earthwork/paving contractor.

Additional Comments From independent CPA's/leading Editors ...

"Simplicity and ease of use are hallmarks of the entire line of eTEK Accounting products ... eTEK provides a strong product that is highly competitive and offers a strong feature set ... this product represents a solid investment in cutting-edge technology that is open and flexible. Prices are in line with competing products ..."

"For companies committed to Microsoft technologies and those that desire a high level of integration, eTEK offers a solid product that reflects a thoughtful and organized approach ... The ability to use Microsoft SQL Server provides nearly limitless scalability to allow the software to grow with the business." - Brent Dirks, CPA, EA, MCSE, CPA Software News (Review of Top-10 High End Accounting Systems, Jan/Mar 2002)

"With its flexibility and ability to scale itself to fit its customer's needs, eTEK International ... may be the answer." - Mary Girsch-Bock, CPA Software News. (Review of Top 14 Construction Industry Accounting Systems, Apr/May 2001)

"eTEK is making huge strides in implementing the latest in Microsoft technologies, weather it's MS Office integration or implementing MS BackOffice technologies.  If your company has already invested in Microsoft technology and is in search of a user-friendly, easily customizable accounting solution, then [eTEK] is worth considering". - Richard Neshwat, CPA Software News. (Review of Top 11 High End Accounting Systems, Jan/Mar 2001)

"It is apparent that the overall design philosophy behind the software [eTEK] enables close integration with other popular user programs and with the communication capabilities of the Internet. These types of capabilities combined with the scalability and open architecture of the database insure that MTX Job Cost Accounting will be comfortable with and capable in the world of the future" - review by Michael Roselius, CPA (Review of Construction Software, April/May 2000)

"The reporting library within Millennium+ is considerable . . . One MS Office link that can be especially valuable is its link to Outlook . . . This is one extension of the business model that especially impressed me with this program . . . Millennium+ brings a lot to the table in terms of a scalable and extendible accounting system for the growing business. Its open database architecture along with its Office integration make it a natural for businesses that are looking for both of those features" - review by David B. Moody, CPA (Review of Mid-Range Accounting Systems,  November 1999)

"eTEK has developed an outstanding product in MTX Fund Accounting . . . eTEK is a company whose software will stay ahead of technology and not be outdated anytime soon." - review by David B. Moody, CPA (Review of Accounting Systems for Non-Profits, October 1999)

"Millennium+ Accounting is a full featured program that has a lot to offer, especially to the many users of Microsoft Office" - review by Christine Giovetti, CPA (High End Accounting Review, January/March 1999).

From Microsoft ...

"Microsoft is pleased that eTEK International has chosen Office 2000's Web-enabled environment as a way to provide its existing and potential customers with timely accounting and management information, thereby expediting the decision-making process," said John Duncan, Office product manager, Microsoft Corp. "We are especially pleased they are offering solutions that integrate Microsoft Office 2000 with Microsoft BackOffice and Microsoft Windows NT Terminal Server."

"We are very pleased that MTX (eTEK) designed their latest product to utilize the productivity and power of Microsoft NT, Microsoft SQL Server and other Microsoft BackOffice technology," said Holly Hensen, enterprise accounting industry marketing manager at Microsoft. "MTX (eTEK) has focused clearly on providing a powerful and scalable accounting solution for growing small to mid-range organizations. We strongly endorse their commitment to Microsoft technology and products. We expect their new Enterprise Accounting system to continue fueling the success of Microsoft BackOffice technologies in the middle market."

cpa tech advisor  ... Note: In recent years eTEK has suspended submission of their products for review to this magazine given the overwhelming number of their readers who are small CPA firms who are interested primarily in low-end software such as QuickBooks.

For deeper insight, click here for key ways eTEK exceeds the typical limitations of "low-end" systems.

With strong job costing, supply chain management and inventory management capabilities, eTEK Accounting for Microsoft Office is well-suited to mid-sized construction and manufacturing entities ... The program offers great scalability, allowing smaller concerns ... upward growth into dozens or more concurrent users. The remotely hosted SaaS model is also a good option for construction managers more likely to be mobile than in the office."
The CPA Technology Advisor, Review of Construction Contractor Accounting Systems, July 2009
"... eTEK is a solid accounting product that will serve the needs of small and mid-size business owners for many years to come."


The CPA Technology Advisor, Review of Small Business Tier-II Systems, June 2009

"... eTEK Accounting packs a powerful punch and is designed to stay with a business for the long haul. The product is flexible and affordable enough to be used in a multitude of settings ... and is a system likely never to be outgrown."
The CPA Technology Advisor, Review of Accounting Systems, April/May 2008

"eTEK is a complete accounting and management software program ... Designed for the long term, eTEK understands how painful it can be to outgrow software, and with multiple levels of products, the company does its best to make sure that businesses will never outgrow its very flexible system."


The CPA Technology Advisor, Review of Accounting Systems, April/May 2007
"eTEK ... continues its tradition of solid, open-source software ... It is particularly adept with multi-division or multi-departmental accounting. eTEK provides a strong product with a competitive feature set"
The CPA Technology Advisor, Review of Mid-Range Accounting Systems, September 2006