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In order to provide you with a price quote that is applicable to what you need, please click here to file your request with us. Your quote will be emailed directly to you within 24 business hours.

Since we fully understand that quoting prices without allowing you to also run a FREE TRIAL rarely makes sense for anyone ... (after all who buys a car without a test drive first) .... so with that thought in mind, please mark your request to include receiving a free trial. Rest assured, we will help you learn how to use our free trial running over the Internet. All we ask is for some feedback on your quote and preliminary confirmation that our quote will likely fit within your budget.

As for general guidelines: Our single-user complete accounting, payroll, job cost and *supply chain management systems, for traditional in-house installations (non-web-based) can be purchased for approximately $5,000, 1st-year including training and support. Costs for multi-user installtions depend on the number of modules and concurrent users. With traditional in-house installations, unlike our popular on-line web-based versions, you will need to own licenses to use modern versions of Microsoft Office (Pro) which includes Microsoft Access on your in-house PC's and network.

For our web-based, complete single-user eTEK Online systems start below $500/month and include - get this - a complete Microsoft Office 365 (Pro) suite running 24x7 on the Internet, properly integrated with your eTEK Online system and includes training and support. As with traditional in-house systems, eTEK Online costs for larger-scale installations depend on the number of programs and concurrent users.

Note: if you have interest in the eTEK Alliance Program enter the words "Alliance Program" in the text box asking for what's most important.


* Supply chain management includes sales/work orders, purchasing and inventory control - all integrated with the the other modules in your system; e.g., with purchasing you do not have to re-enter an AP invoice as the AP module is integrated with Purchasing s it should be ...


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