FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

The following are typical questions we often hear from new customers before they decide to purchase eTEK systems:

  1. Can we produce profit & loss (operating statements) and balance sheets for multiple divisions and departments comprising our organization? Yes. In fact, our program (assuming your chart of accounts is logically based on GAAP standards) will "roll-up" complete sets of financial statements so accounts all tie together the way they should.

  2. Does your system allow us to setup our own chart of accounts and project management/job cost structure? Yes. As is described on our web site, our systems use a 4-segment GL account number, and 4-segment job cost number structure, that insures at the detailed level of all source transactions, that revenues and expenses tie together between the GL and Project Management/Job Cost modules. Our customers confirm eTEK job cost features & capabilities are much better than found in QuickBooks Online.

  3. Are detailed audit trails provided for all types of tranasactions, regardless of source? Our system provides a broad range of detailed audit trails and drill-down capabiliites so that your auditors and senior management can be assured there is proper and complete documentation built-in to support all financial balances and reports. The system also includes an extensive error tracking and system usage log, by user.

  4. Does your job cost/project management program provide complete work-in-progress profitability reporting that can optionally include management's periodic "estimates-to-complete" forecasts? While some organizations may not need to use our "estimate-to-complete" feature, those who do, are much less likely to be "surprised" by bottom-line performance for larger projects/jobs. The system automatically adds such estimates (if used) to actual-to-date committed costs, and compares to total project contract.

  5. Does your system provide full A.I.A. billing and certified payroll? What about role-based user security? Yes to both questions (with automatic carry-forward of change orders into A.I.A.). Role-based security is set by user and tailored to allow no more or less access than approved by the management/system administrator.

  6. Can we setup and use predefined bill rate schedules to bill for time and materials work using various markups technique (and even non-billable) factors; including the ability to customize each customer's invoice line item descriptions? Yes. We have been told we may have the most flexible T&M billing capability in the industry. Our program also allows equipment to be expensed against work with bill rates set independent of equipment costs.

  7. Are there any limits on the number of records we can maintain for our customers, vendors and/or employees? No. The only practical limitations would be overall physical database size; in extraordinary cases, we can upgrade your system to the largest Microsoft SQL Server databases provided for general business use in the U.S..

  8. Can we easily modify the reports built into the system? Yes. In fact, one of the major reasons eTEK builds our applications around the Microsoft Office platform is to allow users to go as far as their imagination and capabilities can take them (for example, there is no practical limit on the range of management reports and pivot table graphs and "dashboards" that can be incorporated into your implementation). Importantly, our programs can be easily extended to use the Internet via Microsoft SharePoint services so employees, customers and vendors can easily communicate into/and out of the system.

  9. How hard is it to integrate your system with some of our existing in-house programs and applications? eTEK is one of the nation's leading providers of "open source" accounting & business management software applications. By definition, this translates into flexibilty to integrate with almost any other application so long as the data inside that application can be defined/exposed.

  10. What does your software cost? How is training, support and implementation billed? Pricing is based on the number of concurrent users. In general terms, for mid-range, multi-user systems, eTEK's pricing runs approximately 50% less that major competitors such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE Timberline, Serenic Navigator and others. For smaller organizations, complete accounting packages for 1-3 users can be licensed for less than $3K; with training and supported added at 20% of license fees/year.


Benefits to existing customers for upgrading from older versions of eTEK (Office 2003 or XP or even earlier) include the following:

  • Option to expand access via "the cloud" to key information in your system (users can access via cell phones/tablets/any other device that can access Internet; click here to see latest example using Microsoft's OneDrive (fka SkyDrive).

  • Faster and easier drill down capabilities in various General Ledger (and many other) forms to pin-point and anlayze detail account balances/info. Note: in general, all on-line inquiry and reporting capabililties run faster and easier in newer versions of Microsoft Office/Access.

  • Improved financial reporting capabilities; all eTEK new versions take advantage of easier to use date-range built-in calendar date picker (a seemingly small change but major help to all eTEK users since entire system is date-range driven).

  • Ability to add finance charges to selected AR invoices.

  • New/expanded vacation and sick time accrual capabilities in Payroll.

  • New/improved Job Cost reports (direct cost/prime costs analysis).

  • Expanded/improved Cash Management/Bank Reconciliation reports.

  • Ability to use kitting/assemblies for tracking inventory items (major enhancement of value to Electrical Contractors and others assembling material for job sites) ....

  • AR & AP Payment History Repoerts with improved selection parameters.

  • Purchase & Sales Journals with improved selection parameters.

  • AP Aging fix for voided checks.

  • Customer credit holds improved.

  • Ability to edit AR invoices from Sale Order.

  • Pivot Report for management.

  • Ability to run PO's through clearing account instead of AP

  • Ability to edit PO's with partial receipts.

  • Automatic material transfers when Job Cost number entered for inventory item on a PO

  • PLUS numerous other features related to improved system Security provided by a new security module that allows users to significantly improve the security of all of their accounting records for all of their users.

  • PLUS the ease-of-use benefits inherant in Microsoft's newer graphical user interface.