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•  Modern, affordable, full-feature ERP/accounting for the construction, professional consulting & service industries       

•  Complete 4-tier multi-phase project management/job cost with detailed tracking of actual vs. estimated costs

 Flexible T & M billing "eTEK offers much more than just accounting software ... if you can define it, you can bill it with eTEK" - major client

•  End-user training & support provided by company employees (not 3rd party consultants/resellers)

Technology Platforms: Your choice of traditional network in your office; "cloud-based" or Hybrid (best of both)

Primary Industry Sectors

arrowGeneral contractors who need reports desired by their bankers/CPA's (WIP, analysis of subs, over/under billing, profitability forecasts)

arrowAny project-oriented business that needs to track revenue & expenses in detail (consultants, architects, engineers ...)

arrowSub contractors who have outgrown the limitations of QuickBooks/other low-end software

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Executive Overview of eTEK (for senior management)
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eTEK software

Office Accounting 365
(for non-construction industries)
eTEK Fundamentals (fund accounting for small non-profits/govt)

Microsoft Office

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